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He Just had To

So... was laying here in bed, half asleep, half awake, because I badly needed to get up and go to the bathroom, but was too comfortable and warm to do so, when I heard a voice that sounded like Josh say "Get me an ice cube." Several seconds later, I heard someone running up the stairs, two people giggling, then Josh's voice again, saying "Wakey wakey" (or however you want to spell it :s) as he put the ice cube on my head. Tossed it off, and he picked it right back up and threw it down at me again, so I tossed it on the floor a second time, and he asked me if I realized what time it was.

Yes. Yes I do. 4:30. Perhaps if he realized I didn't even lay down in bed 'till 9 in the morning, he'd see why I was still in bed. I didn't plan on getting up 'till 6, but... feh. I am now :p

Apparently he (Josh) has to be at work for 5 though, so that explains how he's done at 3 :x I just dearly hope I don't get stuck on drive through again tonight. Last night wasn't bad until 2:00 or so, even though the cars were pretty much constant, but I'd really like to not have to do it again. Ange is the closing manager though, and she worked last night, so she knows I was on drive through, and thus, just might see that I'm put on something else.

But for now, more Justice for All. Engarde is seemingly innocent, and Oldbag has 4 psyche-locks, just protecting the part of the murder that she witnessed :o This is getting interesting~

Edit: and wow. Just got into Corrida's room. I count at least 29 teddy bears :s Good thing this is a game~

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