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What Happened There?

Just what happened after 3 this morning? That's when Josh left, and it seemed like almost instantly (or at least after the stragglers from the bar rush were taken care of) everyone was in a better mood, and generally having more fun. I suppose it could be because with Josh there, certain things couldn't be done, but after he left... well, I'm sure you can figure it out :p

But anyways, earlier on in the night, while out on my break, I started getting bored, and there were quite a few things going through my mind that, had I planned to write about in here, but I knew I wouldn't remember them all, so I wrote them down on a little slip of paper, and I have that slip of paper in front of me right now, so here we go (note that I'd put them each in an LJ-cut, but then, clicking one would essentially give you access to all of them, so there wouldn't be any point, so yeah).

First of all, see here, or here. Since then, they've (they being Manoah and Josh, for the most part) been bothering me less and less about it, but Manoah brought it up again tonight. Same as before, I just told him I wasn't going to say anything. He took off to the back after that, because there weren't any orders to make, but another car pulled in, and Ange needed help making the order, so I washed my hands, and and went to do so.

Out of the blue she says something like "They still don't know?" Caught me completely by surprise, seeing as I forgot for a minute that I did tell her there was nothing going on. So I said "No, they don't", then she asked something else that I wasn't expecting: "Do you still like her?" It's interesting to look at things from that angle. To actually think that there is someone (a girl, at that :x) that I like, but not enough to seriously do anything with, even though things have been that way since, oh, June of last year.

I can't remember what I said after that, but I do remember her saying something about "You never do give a straight answer, huh? Well... I can't say I blame you. There aren't any secrets around this place." There never was a truer statement. If you want something to remain secret there, you can't say anything about it, even if said secret happens to be a lie~

Forced Break
First time something like it has happened. At 11:30, Josh told me to go out on break, and after asking if I really had to (I would've preferred to get paid for the extra half hour), he told me I had no choice :\ Probably something to do with the getting paid time and a half tonight, but still, Manoah and Ange never got theirs, and thus they'll probably get paid for the full 8 or 9 hours they worked. Hence one of the reasons I don't like working with Josh, but that's another topic all by itself.

Tim Hortons Food Swap
Not technically a food swap, in the usual sense of the term. Manoah had gone there earlier in the night, and one of the employees asked what time the dining room was open 'till, which led to her asking if we'd be able to leave the doors unlocked a few minutes longer so she could get some food, seeing as she was done at 11. As a way of saying "Thanks", I guess, we got some Timbits for free. Woo. So sure enough, at about 10 after, she comes up to the door, and Josh rushes out to unlock it.

WTF to that. He tried to get Mark in trouble for doing the same thing (well not quite - Mark opened the door at 12) only a short time ago, and then he turns around and does the same thing? Sorry Josh. It just doesn't work that way. Mind you, I'm not trying to defend Mark or anything. Working with him is alright, but actually seeing him as a friend or whatever is almost entirely out of the question.

Unfortunately, this is the farthest this'll probably ever get. Among many other arguments, I can see them using "It was only a couple minutes after 11, and it was pre-arranged" should I bring it up next time I see him or Shelia. It's a rather pointless thing to call him out on as well, but it's just... he phoned Earl after he found out what Mark did, and yet turned around and did (almost) the same thing himself without a second thought.

Cell Phone Order
Another first. A guy came through around 1:40, and was trying to order something that sounded to me, like "A goar". I asked him to pull up to the window, seeing as he was the only one in line, and I still couldn't understand what he wanted, so he handed me a cell phone, and had me take the order from the person on the other end :3 A chicken gordita. That was what he was trying to order. Just amazing.

And now, something I'm actually going to use an LJ-cut for.

1 G CRUNCH             2.49
1 Q-STK   COMBO        5.69
    CO DEW
1 FRY SUP              2.69
2 CRCHWRAP             6.78
    NO TOM
1 CC FRY               2.19
          GST          1.19
          SBTL        21.03
          PST          1.59
          TOTL        22.62
          CASH        23.00
          CHNG          .38
3 SOFTTACO             3.57
1 SM PEPSI             1.69
2 CCBURITO             3.78
1 G CRUNCHCOMBO        5.69
    CO 7 UP
1 CH FAJIT             4.29
3 SOFTTACO             3.57
           GST         1.36
           SBTL       23.95
           PST         1.81
           TOTL       25.76
           CASH       30.00
           CHNG        4.24
2 CHKSOFT              4.78
4 SOFTSUP              6.76
1 FRY SUP              2.69
2 TACO                 2.38
2 FRY SUP              5.38
1 MEXIMELT             1.69
    SOUR                .60
           GST         1.46
           SBTL       25.74
           PST         1.94
           TOTL       27.68
           CASH       40.00
           CHNG       12.32
1 COMBO #3             5.39
  2 SOFT
1 Q-CHIK  COMBO        5.69
    CO 7 UP
1 5 TACOS              5.19
  5 SOFT
  5 SUP IT             2.50
1 BEAN                 1.69
    SOUR                .60
    GUAC                .60
           GST         1.30
           SBTL       22.96
           PST         1.73
           TOTL       24.69
           CASH       25.00
           CHNG         .31
2 FAMILY  PACK        27.98
 10 SOFT
 20 SUP IT            10.00
  2 NACHO   CHESE      1.20
1 MEXIMELT             1.69
    SOUR                .60
           GST         2.49
           SBTL       43.96
           PST         3.32
           TOTL       47.28
           CASH       50.00
           CHNG        2.72

I got a $4 tip during the bar rush though, from some hopelessly drunk people, so yay :3 And then one other point of interest: sooner or later, Manoah's going to be moving to London with Jerome :o Apparently they're transferring to one of the stores there, but whatever. Just thinking of London makes me think of the furmeet, and wanting to go again, so I'll stop now :p

Anyways, it's 8 in the morning, I'm in a very uncomfortable position, and I'm tired enough to go to sleep, so I think I will. Maybe later on today I'll write something that isn't completely centered around work~

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