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Went to bed at 6. Had to get up at 12. Went back to bed at ~3. Woke up at 6. Stayed in bed playing Justice for All, and it's now 8:00, so I need to be getting ready for work soon :s

I really should be downstairs, seeing as Josh is still here, but... feh. Screw that. Especially after the "fun" time we had at Oaks Inn. In short, according to him, sooner or later I'm going to weigh 800 pounds and be as big as a house because I don't eat vegetables or anything of the sort :\ Yeah, he obviously meant it as a joke, but still, it's sort of rude. Thus I was in a bad mood after that, and both he and Adam noticed it, started making hissing noises at me, and said something about how I was turning into a cat :x Do I even need to say anything? <3 the irony.

But anyways, work tonight. Me, Mark, and Steve. Although I hope Steve ends up being on drive through, in all likelihood I will be, seeing as I'm only scheduled 'till 2, and if the store's clean, dishes are done, etc. come that time, Mark might very well allow me to go home. Would be nice~ Tomorrow and Tuesday off as well, and as per the usual, I'd much rather be somewhere else tomorrow night (what with having it off and all), but I'll get by somehow :p It's just that before now, I was looking forward to going there with John some Monday night coming up, but now that he no longer has a car, there's not much that can be done.

And as for progress on Justice for All, alright, I guess. Partway into the first court session, up to where I have to cross-examine Oldbag's "Engarde had in for Corrida all along" testimony. The list of loose ends and questions in my mind keeps growing though, which, in this case, is undoubtedly a good thing.

Might as well get ready for work though. Not looking forward to going downstairs, seeing as I know the first thing out of Josh's mind will be something along the lines of "Hey look you're up", but I suppose it could be worse.

And holy hell. Nice volume guys. I can hear someone playing "Jessica" on Guitar Hero II downstairs :o I suppose that could be one good thing about tomorrow, actually. Getting that game. EB Games, to my knowledge, gets new shipments on Mondays, so if there ever was a day that they were highly likely to have it, it's then :3

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