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Is this Fair?

Personally I don't think it is, but I figured I'd see what other people have to say. At work tonight, I went out into the dining room, and sat down at one of the tables. Josh was out there as well. After about 5 minutes, I pulled out my PSP to play some Mario hacks, and suddenly Josh tells me "Oh, and the PSP headphones in your ears at the end of the night has to stop. A couple closers have complained to me already that they think you're more wrapped up in your music than working." Since when was it against the rules to listen to music via headphones, AFTER THE STORE IS CLOSED? Hell, for that matter, since when was it against the rules to bring your own music to listen to at all? Here's what I think about it:

I SHOULD be able to listen to music on my PSP with the headphones just as I have in the past. The reasons for that decision are as follows:

:: I don't put them on until after the closing manager has stated that the store is closed. At that point, everyone has their own jobs to do (drive through person(s) do dishes / clean up the store, line people close hot and cold line, manager does his / her paperwork, and anyone else simply cleans the store up), so just so long as I stay focused on what I have to do, there shouldn't be a problem.
:: Continuing the above point, as I was told, people have said that they think I'm more wrapped up in my music, and as such not doing my work as fast as I could be. Quite the contrary. I'm more likely to work slowly when I DON'T have the headphones on. I don't know about you, but I'm sure someone else out there reading this has at least one song that, when they're listening to it, works better simply because... well... I can't figure out the proper way to explain it. It was there, and now it's gone.
:: Given how Josh stated things, I'm quite allowed to listen to music on my PSP, but I can't use the headphones. It's seriously a worse idea to allow me to do that. Reason being that a) I don't want other people to hear what I'm listening to, b) With how loud some people turn up the radio once we're closed, it's difficult to hear even a loud song at full volume, WITH the headphones on.
:: It's not actively (or passively, even) hurting anyone. The only thing it could really do is cause people to be jealous, but please, have some maturity, people.

The only thing I can think of that'd cause people to complain is that I tend to chew on the cords (not hard enough to reach wire, by any means), but still bad enough that someone might find it disturbing. In this case, maturity is once again a plus. Anyways, with the above points, I can only think of two people that'd have gone to Josh about me:

Angela / Ange

I can't picture Manoah complaining, because he's used it to listen to music while cleaning dining room before, I don't close with Jerome often enough to have a good idea of what he'd say, Kevin more seems like the type of person that'd say "I don't care" (although now that I think of it, he is slightly suspect), and Glenda, Josh, and Sarah (all closing managers) could simply come to me themselves and tell me that I can't use the headphones.

Oh, and one other thing that makes me wonder if Josh really understands all the facts: he explicitly told me that if I were to do that during a day shift, I'd be fired. Do what Josh, listen to music? Please. I'm not that stupid. Tne only reasons I've brought my PSP on closes since I started doing so are a) to play games during breaks, b) to have some music I actually like to listen to at the end of the night, and c) to make things go by more quickly. All valid points, no?

Next time I get a chance to talk to Josh alone, I'm going to ask him about all that, because it doesn't seem fair. Maybe I'M not seeing the whole thing, but that's something I've yet to look into.

In sum, I'm fine with being told I can't use the headphones, but I'd like to see some concrete reasons / evidence for that decision. Not simply "because other closers have been complaining".

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