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Good Close for Once

Been a while since that happened. We closed at 2. We were out of there at 2:10. It was frustratingly busy at first, but after 11, things died right down. Think I found a better way to take down line as well. Take down cold line at 12:30, then move all the stuff from hot line onto mini, clean it out, fill it back up with hot water, put the pans of beef, nacho cheese, steak, and chicken back into it, then go about cleaning everything else up. That working out all depends on how busy it is, but the only night that's generally a problem on is Wednesday.

And one other weird thing about tonight. When I went to get dressed, I picked up my shirt, and noticed part of it was wet. I hadn't washed it since Saturday because I figured it wasn't terribly dirty, and therefore it could stand one more shift. But the wet parts. I don't know what they were. They smelled like deodorant, almost. Problem is there were two on the back, and two on the neck :x So I have no clue how they got there... well, actually, I might, but I'll have to wait 'till I get back upstairs to check.

I should be going soon anyways, seeing as at least Mom and Dad are going to be up early to go to Loads of Love, to help pack the container or something.

Feh. Might as well just head up now. Not tired enough to go to sleep yet, but there's been something on my mind since yesterday afternoon that needs to be taken care of, and it'd be much easier to do so up in my room~

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