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He Needs to Learn to Keep his Mouth Shut

It's days like these that I end up asking myself "Why'd I even get out of bed?". Needless to say, I'm back in it right now, and as far as I'm concerned, I'm just going to stay here the rest of the day. I am in no mood to put up with Adam right now. Went downstairs when I woke up earlier, and shortly after, he came down as well, and the first thing out of his mouth was "Hey look, it's captain grump", in reference to the mood I was in at Oaks Inn the other day. Then he went on to say something about how I was lazy, because I just got up, so I asked him what he'd done with his day so far that was so special, and yeah.

Said conversation ended in me unplugging my laptop and dragging back upstairs, while thinking "Screw this. I do not even feel like arguing with him today."

Like, on one hand, I can understand what him and Josh are trying to get at about me being lazy, what with sleeping 'till such a time in the afternoon, but on the other hand, how I wish I could explain to and show them, once and for all, just what my day to day life is like. I'd more than willingly start getting back up at 12 or so, but seeing as the only thing I ever work is closes, I'm used to being up 'till 5 or 6 in the morning, then going to bed. The only reason I slept so late today was because it is one of my days off. Is there something so wrong with that?

Why should I be expected to be out of bed and doing things just because the rest of them are?

Before now, this all didn't bother me so much, and I could usually shrug it off by saying something along the lines of "You'd have to be in my position to know what it's like", but ever since they said what they did at Oaks Inn yesterday, there's been a constant nagging in my mind of "Well, maybe they have a point..."

And other than that, EB Games did not get Guitar Hero II in today (although I suppose that shouldn't be too surprising :s). I'm still contemplating heading up to Taco Bell later on (around 9), because I know John's working tonight, and I've wanted to ask him for a while now if he wants to do something tomorrow, since we both have the day off, but unless something happens to this wonderful mood I'm in right now, I doubt I will. Bleh.

For now though, time to either go back to sleep or work on Justice for All some more.

And it's now 7:30. I'm downstairs, and there's something I noticed after I set my laptop down on the table. There are now two cracks in the top left and right hand corners on the top of it. How'd they get there?

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