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And I Thought they'd Make a Fuss

Did laundry earlier on. My jeans were part of the load. I had been wearing my tail before I took them off, so when I removed it, I just tossed it on my chair, and forgot about it. Just came back upstairs, planning on going to bed, and it was still there. However, Dad has been both in and out of this room since then, with more than enough light to see it, so yeah. I suppose it's good, actually :p I'm still holding to my "I'm not saying anything unless they ask me first" plan though.

I suppose I should've brought my laundry up with me, but after having gone up and back downstairs twice (for my 300GB external hard drive and laptop), I really didn't feel like going down into the basement. Also planned on having a shower, but meh. Tomorrow night probably.

But otherwise, just spent pretty much the entire night watching season 1 of Home Improvement (the Drew Carey Show was getting really boring), and playing Guitar Hero II. Started Career Mode, and gave my band a very interesting name (unintentionally). .'. Problem is, on the game, the apostrophe is a good bit... longer :3 Yeah, it is just a period, apostrophe, and another period, but it's what said arrangement resembles~

Also worked on Justice for All some more, and I'm just up to the (would be) end of the first day. I think the killer's pretty much obvious now, but the one big problem still lingering in my mind is what De Killer has to do with all of it. A kidnapper doesn't just show up and demand a "Not Guilty" verdict in a single day for the release of his hostage at random.

Feh. I think it's time to go to sleep now. I just hope the power doesn't go out again. It was very disorienting waking up yesterday, looking at the clock, and seeing it only say 6am. But then given that I didn't go to bed 'till 7 or so, it's weird. I know for a fact the clock said it was 6, but the power hadn't gone out by the time I fell asleep... This is what too much Phoenix Wright does to you :3 Nothing is as it seems.

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