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What Could it Ever Mean?

Was playing Banjo Kazooie, in what was supposed to be the entrance area of Click Clock Woods, except it was different. You could just make your way through a sort of forested area, and there were branching paths, that, when you looked down them, you'd notice the sky changed color, to indicate what season it was (yellow for summer, green for spring, brown for fall, and white for winter). Started walking down the path to find the entrance to the summer version, and suddenly was in the game :s The setting was absolutely beautiful as well. Well, actually, let me try to explain that a bit more clearly.

The paths weren't quite branching, as much as there were multiple paths, but each one could take you to whatever season you wanted to go to. So for example, in the dream, I was walking down the green (spring) path at first, but then suddenly the colors blended from green to yellow. I don't remember the colors changing anymore after that, but I do know that I looked back behind me again, and I could still see the green. Somewhere along the line I ran into fall as well, but I can't remember quite where...

Continuing on though, there was just a small building of sorts. Walked up to it, then suddenly Adam came up behind me, saying something about having to get the cat. Then out of nowhere, a cat ran out of the building, and he chased after it for a bit, then another cat walked up, that was apparently the cat he had to catch, so he went off chasing after it (and as a note, it was moving at an incredible pace :x), when suddenly, we were out in front of our house, except still in some sort of game, as evident by the fact that we were tossing people out on the lawn that were major "bad guys" in the game, that we had *ahem* removed.

After the last one was taken care of, I walked out to take a look at them all, when someone else appeared on the roof, proceeded to cast some sort of spell or something, and resurrected them all. That was too much for me, so I flopped down face first into the snow on the ground (and interestingly enough, I was right beside a garbage can), and started pounding my fist into it. Another interesting thing about that was that my legs were actually getting cold, to the point that I couldn't feel them :o Then up from behind me, a moogle (I swear to God) walks up, asked what the matter was, so I explained that all our work had been for nothing, then he said something along the lines of "Don't worry about it. Here. Come on back to my place and I'll get you cleaned up."

I'd like to say it was strange, but for whatever reason, it was just... really fulfilling, I guess, and when I woke up, I felt quite satisfied. That's the strange part about it.

Anyways, waiting for Dad to call right now, so I can get some stuff from 7-11 on the way home. I do plan on going to Heart and Stroke tomorrow, which means I have to be in bed and asleep by 6 at latest, but that's still a ways off, so meh :p

Otherwise, I've just been playing more Guitar Hero II, and I'm up to the point where I can do most songs on Hard, and some on Expert, but only with 3 stars, which, as I understand it, isn't that great :\ Although according to Adam, I'm better than Josh, and he's had the game longer than we have, so yay :3

Season 2 of Home Improvement's almost done downloading as well, so that'll give me something to watch tonight~

I think that's it for now...

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