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Yet Another Early Morning / Late Night

To start, something that just went on downstairs, now that Dad and Adam are up:

Thursday morning, the same time we went to EB Games, we also stopped by the bank on the way home, so I could get the money I owed Mom and Dad for this month. Withdrew $200. I figured $165 was going to them anyways, and I'd just keep the other $35 around in a safe place for when I wanted to go to 7-11 or whatever. However, I forgot to give Dad the money then (due to being tired), so I left it in my pocket the whole night. When I got dropped off for work though, I told Mom "In the pocket on the left leg of my jeans, there's your money for this month", because I knew if it was left there overnight, Naomi would take it.

I still ended up having to call her at 9 to remind her, but she got the money safely, and I forgot about it 'till this morning.

Was just down playing some more Guitar Hero II, when I thought to ask Dad "Did Mom give you your money yet?" Apparently she hasn't, but she has told him about it, and that's good enough for me.

However, my problem is with what he had to say afterwords: "Just out of curiosity, when are you going to start tithing? Adam does..." Good for Adam, for one thing. I can't help but feel the only reason he is is because Dad expects him to though. However, that's his own problem.

Anyways, something bugged me about that right away, but I couldn't put my finger on it. However, I realize what it is. Keep in mind this is setting all religious views and whatever aside. I haven't been to church in at least a couple years. Why should I be expected to give 10% of my pay to a place / organization that I've pretty much forgotten about? It doesn't make sense to me, but if I were to say that to him, I can guarantee he'd eventually say something like "While you live in this house you will", so feh. Screw that. And for what it's worth, my life these few years I haven't been to church? Pretty much the same as before. Better, in some ways even.

So anyways, yeah. As I said I did do quite a bit more on Guitar Hero II. I'm up to the third song in the 8th category on Career mode. Medium difficulty. 5 stars on all the songs except one, which has 5 gold stars :3 I'd like to think I'm not doing too badly, but given the only person I have to compare against is Adam, I don't know for sure :p

... 8 right now. This has to stop. I plan on going to sleep whenever, then having my alarm(s) set for 5 or so in the afternoon. Yeah, I'll probably be tired for the rest of the day (or night), but I need to get my sleeping "pattern" back to what it was like before :s

And also, one word: oops. I just noticed this earlier tonight :x It'd be nice if I had a name to go by or something to at least try to find a way to tell that person "You can get the song here", but in this case "Anonymous" doesn't say very much.

But for now, I'm either going to play some more Justice for All, seeing as interestingly enough, finding the contradictions has been easier than ever for the little bit I've played since last time, or I'll just go to sleep. One way or another, I'm getting up at 5 though, so I can't stay up too early.

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