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Oh, What to Do...

I badly want to go to 7-11, but I know I should save the money, and last time I looked, it was also snowing quite a bit outside. Feh. Well, how 'bout this. I'll wait 'till 12, and if it's not snowing anymore (or only a little bit), I will go, but I'll take $15 at most.

So otherwise today, we've been to Smittys for supper, then I played Guitar Hero II some more, as well as (finally) started Super Paper Mario. On the former, finally finished Career Mode on medium, with 5 stars on all the songs (Freebird included~), and I've done one song on Hard. Yay. As for Super Paper Mario, just got the second heart thing. Adam's still further than me, but given how much more he's played the game so far, I suppose it's to be expected.

Well, one other thing that happened earlier today. I got out of bed at 6, walked downstairs, and there were two messages on the answering machine. One was for Dad, but the other one was from Shelia. Apparently she was short a person over supper, and wanted to know if I'd come in for "A short shift". There is no such thing.

If I had called her back and agreed to come in, I probably would've worked from 5 - 8, by which point Shelia would have left, and it'd be up to Josh, the closing manager, to let me go home.

It's 12 though. Time to go see if it's still snowing :3