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That was Awkward

So, was just playing Guitar Hero II again. "Dead!" on Expert. Of course, I've been wearing my tail since I got home from 7-11, because I didn't think that anyone else would be down here 'till 7 or so.

Out of nowhere, Dad walks in, just said "Hi", then went into the kitchen to make himself a coffee or something. At first I backed up against the wall, and positioned my leg so that he (hopefully) wouldn't be able to see it, then as soon I finished the song, sat down in the chair behind me, and covered the bit of it that was sticking out with my legs.

Then I started thinking "He had to have seen something. The lights in here might be off, but there's more than enough light coming from the TV, my laptop, and the computer monitor. And I know he's seen it wherever I leave it in my room, so all I'm really doing is making myself uncomfortable". He finished making his stuff, and I noticed he was carrying one of the (many) pies we have left over each night at work, so as a distraction, I said "You still have pies?" Bad idea. He stopped where he was, said "Yes", followed by a couple other things, then "Good night" and walked back upstairs.

I suppose in a sense, that's one less person to worry about. I can picture Adam being the worst, but all depending on what mood he's in. A few weeks ago now, he was thinking of buying some thing for his IMVU, but didn't know how to go about getting the money, and seeing as I'd just received my (first) tail, and having paid for it with a money order, told him he could get one from the bank, and that I had ordered something with one as well.

He seemed really happy after that (as evidenced by the fact that he kept saying "Thanks, dude" and stuff like that, so I was about to tell him "Yeah. The thing I ordered is up on the chair in my room right now."

I suppose what I can do is leave it on the chair anyways, because he's in and out of my room at least once a day to grab Super Paper Mario, and sooner or later, he's bound to ask "Why do you have that?"

Of course, I'm probably making this much more complicated than it has to be, but it's worked for me so far :3

So anyways, as I said, I did go to 7-11 earlier on, and only spent ~$12, so yay. I really need to make something up in Excel or whatever, to figure out just how much I can "safely" allow myself for spending every two weeks. That'll be done in good time though.

I've been debating writing this next bit for the past hour or so now, seeing as it is rather... troublesome, in a certain light, so keep that in mind if you read it :s

Well, first of all, a bit of speculation as to what caused it:

When walking to 7-11, Heart and Stroke, or anything past that point, I cross a set of train tracks. Last night, before I went to sleep, I got to wondering just how far, and where they went (in the direction of, say, the Downtown Chatham Centre, although that probably won't help much :p). I came to the realization that the farthest I've seen them go is down by Cinema 6.

In the dream, we (who the other person was will be revealed in a bit :x) were driving down a road that seemingly followed the same route as those tracks, except we were going past the "final" point to me.

Up ahead of us, the road split in half. The left half continued on the same straight path, and the right one tilted down and to the right rather sharply. We "branched off" onto that path.

Then suddenly we were back on the "straight" road, except we were going the other way. I clearly remember saying "So I finally have three days off", and holding my hands up to my face like people do when they're relieved. Then I continued on, saying something like "And yeah, I've said it before", seemingly in reference to the several times I wrote it in here.

Next thing I knew we were driving back the other way, and came to the branching paths again, and took the right hand one. As we were driving down in, I suddenly felt this "This isn't what I planned on doing, but it'll still be fun" feeling wash over me, then we went from being in the vehicle, to standing in front of some sort of building, which was apparently a theater, seeing as it had giant posters up on the side of it.

I saw myself standing beside the building, and I was wearing my tail, although for some reason, as I write this, I'm getting a really nagging feeling about whether I was wearing a shirt or not. That being an important point isn't quite... clear, I guess, but I'll include it just because it somehow seems appropriate.

The person I was in the vehicle with earlier was standing off to the side of me, so I turned to them, and said something like "Do I really have the nerve to do this?" I'm assuming that was in reference to going into the theater wearing the tail, but like with the shirt, that's yet to be determined.

That's about where it ended (or I woke up - I can't remember). So, the person I was in the vehicle with? It was (you) squnq.

Try to explain that one...

Two LJ-cuts in one entry :o Amazing~

So anyways, I'm once again undecided on what to do now. My DS's power light has been merrily blinking away most of the night, so I really should work on that some more (or save it and turn it off :p). Might as well.

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