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Interesting Night

First of all, things I've been wondering about concerning Justice for All.

  • Why is Andrews so reluctant to say anything? Her whole co-dependency thing may have something to do with it, but her being silent did not bring a complete acquittal for Engarde, as von Karma promised, but she still refused to say anything until she was coerced by Edgeworth, threatening ti tell everyone her secret.
  • Why does Engarde employ a butler named John Doe, who looks suspiciously like De Killer? One would assume he'd at least mention something of the sort after requesting that Shoe be fed, because it doesn't make sense to ask someone else to go do that for you, when you already have someone to. Unless John Doe is De Killer, and Engarde knows that, and is trying to drop a hint / hints without explicitly saying it.
  • Sort of tying into the above, who "hired" De Killer? Engarde would be the most likely choice, but right at the beginning of the case, the last thing you ask him at the detention center is "Did you kill Corrida?", and no psyche-locks appear. I suppose that could be due to a technicality - Engarde could've indirectly killed Corrida, but that's not what he was asked.
  • Who planted the camera in Corrida's room, and why? As of right now, I'd suspect Oldbag, Hart, or De Killer. The former two only because they seem... obsessed enough to do such a thing. As for "why" outside of it being for general surveillance, I can't think of a reason at all.

Of course, I could find answers to all those questions by just finishing the case, but it's just as fun to speculate as to what those answers could be :3

Also, this. That cannot be Phoenix as a witness.

Anyways, work tonight. Mark called in sick, so Josh ended up both opening and closing. Apparently he went home at 11 and had to be back for 8 though, so it's not as if he was there from 8 in the morning 'till we closed :p And also, Jess was the other one on tonight, so I first assumed she'd be on drive through, and I'd be on line. But then Ange said something about how last time the two of us worked together, she was on drive through. Thus things were the opposite of what I thought they'd be. We were out of there right at 2, but we did close 15 minutes early, so whatever. It's me, Mark, and Steve closing tomorrow night (assuming Mark doesn't call in sick), so there's as good a chance of being on drive through again as not.

And an interesting thing I noticed on the schedule tonight. John had been scheduled to close Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, but Jess, for whatever reason or another, now has those three shifts :o He works Wednesday, with me and Jerome (yay), but that's his only shift on the current schedule. I suppose that gives me an excellent opportunity to ask him if he wants to come over here one of those days (or nights).

And now, question for you, squnq. I hope I remember what I'm thinking of correctly, because if not, this is all going to be terribly awkward :s Things aren't going to work as I'd hoped involving that friend from work (John) in terms of the furmeet(s). I'm not trying to say "Oh I can't go with him so he's of no use to me", but it's been on my mind for some time, so... umm... what are the odds of going with you again? I just got to thinking about it again at work tonight, and figured it couldn't hurt to ask, so yeah ^^;

So... Adam must've washed dishes tonight. Was just in the kitchen making a grilled cheese (screw toast~), and I figured I should grab something to drink with it. Can't have water, because the filter needs to be changed, and until then, there'll be little black and grey things floating around in the water, and I really didn't feel like water or grape juice, so I poured a can of apple juice into an empty container, and went to grab a glass. First one had grape juice around the ring on the inside. Second one had dried milk at the bottom (and disgusting it looked too), so I ended up grabbing a small glass from the cupboard, and moving the whole dish rack over to the other side of the sink.

That is to say, his method of washing dishes is to pile them all into the sink, let them soak for an hour (or possibly more), stick them in other sink to rinse, then put them in the dish rack. Absolutely lazy.

And also, I need to go to the bank soon. I now have three checks that need depositing, totalling $208.55. I suppose it's a significant amount, given that I'm trying to save money. Although I figure(d) that per month, just so long as I make ~$400 each pay, and keep to $100 a month for games, food, and whatever else, that I can save ~$500 (monthly). Probably a bit extreme, but as I said, that's assuming I spend a minimal amount of money each month. Have to wait 'till May though, so I can keep track of it.

But for now, I'm probably going to sit here watching more episodes of Home Improvement, possibly play Justice for All, then go to bed. I might even go to Heart and Stroke in the morning, but we'll have to see~

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