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Could've Been Better

I have one and only one thing to say about work tonight: they need to start giving us a 4th person for Sunday through Wednesday. They don't have to stay the whole night or anything, but just as long as we need them, even if it is only to close the dining room or get the dishes caught up.

Also, something that happened at Heart and Stroke today. Walked in, and Michele was right after me about something I did (or rather hadn't done) last time I was in. Something involving Lynn's computer, that she apparently had to phone head office to figure out how to fix, and all the while was swearing up a storm. The problem? I forgot to change the resolution on her monitor when I was done with it. Usually they're at 1024x768 or something like that, but I usually use 1280x1024. I was to work in her office again today though, so I walked in there, turned the monitor on, and found that everything was squished together, so either she completely reset all the settings, or set the resolution to one of those weird ones that no sane person would ever use :p Told Michele "She didn't even set it back to the proper resolution", which resulted in me getting put at one of the computers at the front :s Some people. And I also forgot my headphones so I was listening to a mix of Home Improvement and some Christian station on the radio all afternoon :x

So yeah. Three days off now, then I work Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, have Wednesday off, work Thursday and Friday (a supper shift on Friday :o), then have Saturday off, and I'm not sure about after that. I know they have me closing again on Monday though. Feh. I just wish I had some (realistic) way to get to London on my own.

And Manoah started bothering me about "Crystal" again, I told him I'd already told someone, so he got to incessantly asking who it was :\ I think I know his MSN though, so I could tell him on that, but doing so would pretty much be looking for trouble.

And random picture. Diabeetus. I don't know what it is about that spelling of the word, but I find it amusing :3

But now, more Guitar Hero II~

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