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He Wastes No Time

The phone rang earlier on today, around 3, to be exact, but I was still in bed at the time, so Mom picked it up. Then before I knew it, she was up in my room, saying that Josh wanted to talk to me. Just said "I'm. Sleeping", then I heard her say something like "I don't think he wants to right now Josh. He's still in bed." So he either wanted me to come in to work, or go to his house tonight, but he never called back, so whatever. Adam said something about "So you have to go into work huh?" when I came downstairs though, so meh. That might say something.

And there's nothing to do right now. Well, nothing I want to do. I could head into the living room and work on Super Paper Mario some more, play Guitar Hero II (bought all the bonus songs earlier tonight), see about getting further on Justice for All, or load up Trillian and talk to John :p Problem with the latter is that last night, he overheard Manoah bothering me about "Crystal", then cornered me in the middle, and asked what was going on. Feh. I just wish Manoah would drop it. I would've gladly told him long ago if I thought he'd keep it to himself, but he's proven time and again that he can't keep a secret, so it's not going to happen.

Also, envy. Go to e621.net. Search for "furry_lifestyle" (including the underscore). First 4 images. Looks like fun <3 Envy comes into play when considering there's nothing furry-related to do here. Bleh.

Super Paper Mario's sounding fun right now though, but first things first, I'm hungry, so I'm going to make a grilled cheese. Foooood~

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