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Sometimes I don't know why I go to Taco Bell for supper. I just went there about 10 minutes ago, and Shelia saw me. Wanted to know if I'd had a couple days off, and I said "I guess". Then she said something about how Ange has to close by herself tonight (WTF?), so it'd help if I'd be able to come in. 10:00. Arrgh.

It really doesn't make sense why Ange would be there by herself though. I mean, if it comes to it, I'm just going to suggest closing the store early. It makes sense to think that we'll have other people there up 'till 4, but my God, why wouldn't they have anyone there to close?

Either I'm completely missing the point here, or something else is going on, but whoever's there when I go in at 10 is going to be getting a piece of my mind.

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