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If anyone else sees fit to call here right now, they're going to get a busy signal.

Josh just called. He's at work. Manoah and Jess are sick (apparently). He wanted me to come in. No. Way. In. Hell. There's an incredibly slight chance that maybe, just maybe I'll come in at 12 or so, if called, but at 1 in the morning? You've got to be kidding me. Just opened Trillian, because I figured John would be online, and I could warn him that he might get called, but he's not, so whatever. He's probably out at the bar or something.

But seriously. I just went to 7-11. I got home, had enough time to sit down, check a couple things on my laptop here, then start up another episode of Home Improvement when the phone rang. Dad came down, said that Josh wanted to "chat", then, before going back upstairs, said that he wasn't going anywhere, so I told Josh that, then he decides to tell me that I should walk, and that he'll meet me halfway. So that's nice of him. He's going to leave Ange (and hopefully one other person) to handle things by themselves, while he gets to have a half hour break.

So I don't care. If he (Josh) sees fit to get on MSN and start yelling at me whenever he gets home this morning, then fine. This is exactly the sort of situation that they need to have an emergency store-closing policy in place for, but all people (managers and above, I'm thinking) there care about is sales. Well, that may actually be a bit extreme, but still. Just use a couple pieces of cardboard and a marker to make up a couple notes to put on the dining room door (the one most people go through), the drive through menu board, and go about getting the store closed up.

I can picture Earl flying into a rage if we were to do that, but in that case, it'd only be fair to point out that he's supposed to be available at all times for these sorts of emergencies. Even if he isn't able to come in and help, he could still say something like "Okay. You can close at 2" or whatever.

So yeah. A bit earlier (around 10 or so), and I might've said yes. Anything after 12 though is a guaranteed no.


But on the lighter side of things, I look across the street (well, sort of), at Kent Manor, and I swear to God it looks like someone has a strobe light in their room :s

But now it's time to hang this phone back up, then go upstairs and grab my tail~ Second one should be arriving either Tuesday or Wednesday this week as well <3 Although I have to be quiet 'cause if Dad hears anything, he'll probably think I'm getting dressed to go to work, then come out of his room asking what I'm doing :x

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