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Yet Another Quick Thing

So this Pixl wanted an 8-character word. Never in any (commercial) videogame did I think I'd see any character shout "furries!" in giant letters :3 Although now I just have to wonder if that word comes back to play anywhere else in the game~ I have a hammer though, which is definitely what I needed.

And what just happened there? Neither of the enter buttons were working, so I went to pick my laptop up to restart it, but just grabbed the lower-left corner, and when I picked it up, the screen went all glitchy (for lack of a better word), flickered a bit, then I set it down, and it went back to normal :o Can't be good.

No word from Josh yet either, but given that Trillian hasn't been opened since I restarted, that's not surprising. I don't know who (if anyone) they tried to call in, but I'm sure there'll be lots said about it on Sunday or whenever.

Also, my mood is currently "blah" because I've had a headache for most of the night. That and I just drank a whole can of this "Rockstar Juiced Pomegranate" stuff they had at 7-11, which is apparently an energy drink, and I doubt it's helping much, and not just in that respect. Headache + lots of energy is not a good combination.

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