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This is Taking Forever

After reading GameFAQs' code section for Super Paper Mario, I found that there was an easy way to get experience in "level" 5-4. Yes, it's easy, but it's only incrementing by 500 points at a time. Current score is 1440475, and I just got a level up, so chances are next time I'll get one is at 15500475 :s And what's more, it alternates between HP and Attack, so yeah. All I want is max. health, but that seems to be a long way off. Well actually, forget it. I'll get this next level up here, then continue on with whatever I was doing before :p

So yeah. Woke up at 6 today, played a bit of Guitar Hero II, then Super Paper Mario, then had supper, then went back to that game again, then back to Guitar Hero II, then back to Paper Mario, then to 7-11, and that's where we are right now. Wasn't able to do "Jordan" on Expert (I got exactly halfway through :s), but Adam told me to watch the Advanced Tutorial, which demonstrated hammer-ons and pull-offs. The first time I heard about them was one of the messages on the loading screen, that said something about "They work, we promise" so I thought they were just made up, but now... well... with a little practice, they'll be extremely useful.

I do (unfortunately) have to work tomorrow, at 8, and I think Ange is actually going to be the closing manager. Although that'll work out nicely, in that I'll be able to see if Manoah was trying to find out if she was the one I explained "Crystal" to. Feh. So I can't be up too late this morning, but that's nothing different compared to any of the other nights I stay up late :3

Then after tomorrow I have to close Monday and Tuesday, then I have Wednesday off, then Thursday and Friday night (although I have a 5 - 10 shift on Friday (meaning that I don't even have to be there to close the dining room) :o), then Saturday off, which is good, because we're apparently having company over then. Uncle Brent's supposed to be over tomorrow as well, but knowing my luck, I'll be asleep whenever he stops by, so whatever.

Oh, and also, here's what happens when I have too much time~ Referring to the two comments made by "bugmenot". As for the "???" and "Profit!" steps? They somehow seemed... appropriate.

... and there. Level up. Back to the game now :3

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