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Tedious :o

So yeah... I suppose this deserves a separate entry :p

Downloaded the full version of the Wii internet channel earlier on today, and I figured I'd give it a try~

Text entry takes significantly longer than using a keyboard would (for obvious reasons), but it's quite a bit faster than trying to do the same with a PSP :x

Although I just have to wonder if there's any sort of history-saving going on now... Feh. Adam's the only one in this house (aside from me, of course) that uses the Wii, and I can't picture him taking too much interest in using the internet browser on it...

I'm sure this ice cream is quickly melting though, so I should post this and be done with it :p

It's definitely an... amusing addition though :3

And WTF. It's not 7 in the morning already. Apparently there are settings on the Wii that still need to be changed :x