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I'm going to rant for a bit about work right now. I'll start with the beginning of the night.

I was scheduled to be in at 8pm, so around 7, I got my uniform on, then went into the living room to try to get further on Grandia III. Naomi came in right then, phone in hand, telling me there was someone on the phone for me. It was Shelia, wanting to know if I'd come in early, because they were "getting killed". I reluctantly agreed, and after gathering a few more things, went outside and got into the van. Around that time, it was 7:20. I got to work within about 5 minutes, and after wandering around the back for a bit, Shelia asked me to clock in and start cleaning the dining room. I did so. At that time it was 7:30. A half-hour earlier than I should've been.

Let me note here that the store was an absolute mess. Mini was half taken down, and filthy dirty, line hadn't been condensed, much less bagged, the floors were covered with bits of this and that, and there were several large piles of dishes at the back.

Anyways, I cleaned up the dining room up to the point that I'd swept about half of it, when some customers came in. I went in to take their order, and more and more people kept coming in the door. About 10 minutes after the first people had come in, Glenda asked me if I'd take over steam, and she'd take orders, so that Megan could leave, as her shift was over. I agreed, because I knew arguing wouldn't get me anywhere. I steamed (started making orders, for lack of a better description) for a solid HOUR, possibly even more. Oh, you wouldn't believe it. My boards were full. The orders were reasonably sized, but there were times when I had two or three orders pending for the people in the dining room.

About 9:00, Steph took over steam. Kevin had just arrived, so I asked him if it was alright with him if I worked on getting the store cleaned up, and he could help on line. He said something to the effect of "as long as you clean it up quickly...", which never really went anywhere. The two of us worked on tidying up the middle and the back, and did dishes until we had enough pans to bag hot line.

From there on, things were a mixture of trying to get hot line bagged, taking orders at front cash, helping on line, and cleaning things up. Sometime before 10, we finished bagging hot line, which was one of the big things we had to get done. I started cleaning mini, but then Kevin took my bucket away, and I needed it D: A couple more customers came in then (and, as before, more and more people followed them), but Steph took the orders instead, and I made them. That went on till about 10:55, at which point I told her "okay, it's all yours again", and went out to lock the dining room doors. There were still quite a few people eating in the dining room, but I could care less. I'm not leaving the door unlocked so more people can come in. By 11:10, everyone had left, so I was able to get down to closing the dining room. That took me a bloody hour and a half, and all the while, I was getting bitched at about how long I was taking and such. Sorry about the language, but seriously, if Steph (the main complainer) had seen how dirty the dining room was, she might've understood. I do have to cut them a bit of slack though, as the orders from drive through were pretty much constant at that point.

So anyways, I finished dining room about 12:30, then went to the back and started to do dishes. I had them finished by about 1:30, so I went up to the front to see if any help was needed. I took cash at drive through for about 5 minutes, at which point I was required to start steaming again. That went on until 2:00, when Glenda came up to the front. I asked her if I'd be able to go out and sit down for a break (as I'd literally been on my feet since 7:30), and she agreed. 2:30 was when my break ended, so I went back inside, and got told to go on drive through, because Eric had been on it the whole day. Note that he'd been asked to stay 'till close, effectively making him work a 12 hour shift. Bar rush lasted 'till a couple minutes after 3. I asked Debra if she'd take drive through so I could do dishes, and she agreed. About 3:30, Kevin came back and asked me if I wanted to clean the grill, as it was ready. I agreed, and went up to do that. I got it as clean as I could, but it's still fairly dirty.

After that, everyone did their own separate things in terms of getting the store ready to be closed, which brings us to 4:20, when we got out of there.


That's completely setting aside the annoying fact. I got called in early right? It seems all I get called in early for anymore is so other people (namely managers) can leave early. It's really pissing annoying. They leave the store nice and dirty for the closers, and we try to do our best getting it cleaned up, and what happens when the morning people come in? We get yelled at for not doing all this stuff we could've done, despite what we were left to deal with. It really doesn't make sense -_-

Anyways, I'm going to end this now, because I've said what I want to, and there's other things I plan on doing before I go to sleep.

Until next time.

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