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Good thing I'm Still Up

About 10 minutes ago now, someone knocked on the door. I was busy watching the end of Super Paper Mario (just beat it~), so Adam got up to see who it was, then the guy asked for me. Had a box. A box that, to have in my hands, I had to pay $7.50 for ;_; Good thing I've got a bag of quarters and such up in my room.

So, gave him the money, had to give my signature (which was extremely messy, because I'm rather tired, and my hands were shaking with excitement), ran upstairs, stuck the box in the doorway of my room, came back down here, bought Tiptron, saved, then went back upstairs to open the box.

Tail #2 <3

Slightly more rough than I anticipated, but the tip's nice and soft and yes so I assume the roughness has to do with the paint (if it can be called such), so I can deal with that.

Adam's asked me three times already "What did you get from UPS?" though. So I dunno. I plan on being up for about an hour and a half yet, so when I go to bed, I'll just take Super Paper Mario with me, and leave that tail on my chair, along with the box, and let him put two and two together

I'm staying up 'till 10 so I can phone EB Games to check if they got either Pokémon Diamond or Pearl in, because I have wanted it for some time, and also, given that I just beat Super Paper Mario, it'd be nice to have a new game to work through~

Back to Super Paper Mario though. I tried the Pit of 100 trials (in Flipside) earlier on in the morning, and got to the 99th floor :s So I plan on leveling up a bit, then giving it another try.