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Just woke up at 6, and walked out of my room to see Naomi sitting on Mom's bed doing something or other. I ignored her at the time, and went into the bathroom, but when I came back out, she was long gone. Went downstairs, grabbed a glass of water, and she came down, saying something like "I feel like going for a run around the block", which is not like her at all.

Came back up here, sat down in my room, and heard her walk back through the front door. When she got back up to the TV room here, what did I hear? The sound of a can of pop being opened. I have a pretty good idea how she got it.

Feh. Mom can take care of it, I suppose. It's her money, after all.

So anyways, yeah. 6 in the afternoon :p I think my DS Lite alarm is broken or something, because even at full volume, it didn't make any noise. That is, unless I'm sleeping right through it, but I doubt that.

And Mom has to leave for work at 7, which presents an interesting situation. I could get dropped off there, and just do whatever 'till 8, or start walking at 7, and have something to eat once I get there. I just hope Megan is indeed closing tonight. If not... well, we won't entirely be screwed over, but it'll still make for a long night.

Ugh. Naomi's discovered Crazy Frog. She needs to discover the use of headphones next. Music is ridiculously annoying.

It's time I left though~

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