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It's Almost Over...

To begin...

First thing on my mind: earlier on this afternoon, Josh stopped by the house, and came right up to my room to ask me something. Who condensed line last night? So completely setting aside the fact that he needs to be told that this is not his house, and he has no right to just walk right up into my room, the answer would be Steph. Or so I assume, seeing as she's the only one I saw on line before I got there last night.

When she condensed, she put the veggies and pizza sauce into cups, and put them in the cabinet, which is what we used to do. Now they're put in double-bagged pans, and into the cabinet beside hot line.

So he asked me several times after that "What's the rule?", until I finally gave him an answer, then told me that, because he didn't know that it was Steph that had done it, written me up. Yeah. So got into work tonight, and Jerome gave me the write-up so I could explain what had happened in the employee comments section. I wrote something like

"The veggies and pizza sauce had been put into cups before I started my shift.

I simply forgot to check the steam cabinet at the end of the night

Didn't sign it or anything, because that would've meant that I acknowledged that I was indeed responsible for what had happened. Manoah wanted me to include something saying that it was Steph who had put the stuff in the cups, but I really couldn't. The thing that was so annoying at first in Phoenix Wright has now essentially become something that I follow: if I'm going to accuse someone of something (in this case), then I have to have some concrete evidence to back that accusation up.

Apparently Ange saw Steph put the stuff in the cabinet, but all I have is Ange's word. Not to say that she's lying or anything, but in that case, I'd then need something to prove that she couldn't possibly be lying about what she said, and unfortunately, nothing like that is available right now.

So whatever. I explained what happened, so they can do what they like now.

I'm just not going to be held responsible on my own. Yes, I did forget to check the cabinet, but everyone does from time to time. It's what got put in the cabinet improperly that's the concern here, so it wouldn't be right to just blame me.

And next, I have here Manoah's email address. I told him I'd explain "Crystal" to him when I got home, and I am right now, so yeah. Interestingly enough though, we were sitting outside earlier on in the night, and got to talking, and he asked me who I'd told about "her". He currently thinks it's either Ange or Steph, so he's half right :p

Chances are he won't believe me at first, but whatever. This has been going on for a little over a year now, so it'll be nice to finally end it.

And on a completely unrelated note, for some inane reason, I had the word "pedagogy" stuck in my head the entire night :s

So otherwise, I don't know what to do right now. I did get Pokémon Pearl this morning, so I should play that, but I also want to try the Pit of 100 Trials again. Feh. It's only 3:30. I can still do both.

Well, I suppose I actually should try to get to bed a bit early tonight, because I've had all of about 6 hours of sleep right now :s Didn't get to sleep 'till noon, but days (or nights) like that every so often are fun :3

But now I'm going to go try to find something to eat (I have to wonder how a grilled cheese with mozzarella might taste~), then play one of those two games. I know there was more I wanted to write about, but I can't think of anything right now :x

One more thing actually, that isn't big enough to merit a separate entry. Was just in my room, and I couldn't help but notice that on the side of the box the tail I got today arrived in, there's an invoice. On said invoice, there's a "Classification" field. What does it say? "Clothing, Female, Cotton" ;_; I am not a female thanks~ Good thing I noticed that before someone else did :s

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