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I Have to Wonder...

Looking at the sky outside right now, it's rather red, so I can't help but think of that "Red sky at night..." saying. However, where exactly is the dividing line between night and day? Midnight? I hope so, seeing as if it is, it should rain again tomorrow. Then again, it rained quite a bit today, and they apparently got killed at work, so I dunno.

That's actually the one good thing about tonight. Went up there earlier on in the afternoon (around 5) to get some supper. Earl was there, on front cash, so I knew right away that when I actually started working, the dining room would be a disaster. And of course, walked in, and Shelia asked me right away to grab her 6 garbage bags, so I did, and as I was carrying the full garbage bags to the back, I heard her mutter something about "And he's a manager no less... acts like a child."

And I've also got something to think about now. She reminded me that they were leaving for whatever wedding they're going to on June 14th, and that I would just have to give the dogs their supper and let them run around in the yard for a bit that night. And also that they wouldn't be back 'till about a week later or something. So first of all, I have to decide if I'm going to stay there, or here (most likely here, right now), and also if I'm still going to work that week, or if I want her to just give me the whole week off. Interesting~

So not to be rude or anything, but I doubt I'll really want to stay at their house for a whole week, regardless of how clean it is. It's a nice gesture, but I just can't see it happening :\ And as for whether or not I'm going to work, I really don't know. I want to say "No", because then I'd have the whole week off, but that could also get incredibly boring, and if I say "Yes", it'll probably just be closes as usual. Feh. Decisions decisions...

It's about time I moved into the dining room though. The furnace is not quite making the background noise I'd like :p

But anyways, as for work, one word: busy. From 10 to 12, I was on line by myself, and Steve was down in drive through. Later on in the night, Mark was taking a look at the sales, so I asked him how much we did in those two hours. Seven. Hundred. Dollars. Yeah, I could've asked Mark to come up and help me, but he was doing the dishes, and I really didn't want to stop him. We would've had a fourth person to help us, had Jess not called in sick, but whatever. It's too late to do anything about it now :x

Heh. Someone near this house has a wireless connection as well, which is unsecured, but they would of course have changed the password for their router. admin / admin just shows a loading page for about 5 seconds then gives me the login prompt again. Although I am connected to the internet, so yay :p

I think for now I'm going to play some Guitar Hero II though. Haven't in a while, so why not :3

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