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This is Much Longer than it Needs to Be

The title or the entry? Your decision. I defy anyone to tell me it's easy to come up with a short, meaningful title on the spot though :s

Why is it that when I start a download, the "Downloads" box opens up, with ~1MB (in this case) finished already, then only increments in ~200KB chunks after that? Just downloaded an Alpha of Firefox 3, found here, and it struck me as odd (even though it isn't the first time it's happened) so yeah :p

And as for this song, it's rather strange. I'm usually not one for this kind of music, but there's just something in particular about this song that I like. I suppose I have Manoah to "blame" for it as well, seeing as if it weren't for working so many closes with him, I'd never have heard so much of it :s

So, closing tonight wasn't bad, although things did start out rather rough at the beginning. For one thing, I managed to get the walk-in and torts rotated as soon as I clocked in, then started washing the dishes (because there were quite a few), but as soon as I finally managed to get the middle sink cleaned out, I was asked to come up on line to expedite. That lead to Mark wanting to go on his break, and giving me the headset "Only until I get back", and if what's happened before was any indication, that obviously wouldn't happen, and yeah. So I got stuck on drive through for the entire night (which wasn't too bad after, say, 11:30), and as well, at first, it looked like Mark might be closing, because Jerome was nowhere to be found. He thankfully arrived at 9:30 though (an hour and a half late, but feh - not my concern), noticed that I was scheduled to leave at 2, and thus got busy on getting things cleaned up so we could all be there at 2, so he and Steve wouldn't get stuck having to do any cleaning.

I did stay for the ~15 minutes after, but only so Jerome would have a ride home, because it was raining out at the time.

And since I'm mainly playing Pokémon Pearl now, progress: just up to having traveled up route 212, and back to Hearthome City. I'm going to guess I have to go to Canalave City next, but there's only one way to find out :3 And also, Exp. Share is extremely useful. Luxray's the only Pokémon I've been using to fight thus far (and mainly with Spark and Bite, at that), but I've still managed to raise two of my others up to level 30, and the third one is well on it's way there too.

... so... I'm definitely getting tired. Have today off, and although I'd really like to, I'm going to try not to sleep in 'till 5 or 6 again :x Might as well go upstairs and play Pearl some more for now though.

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