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Finally. Sunday night we saw lighting, but Steve and Jerome dismissed it as heat lighting, then yesterday night, it was raining a bit, but with no thunder or lightning, and now this afternoon, we get both <3 Well, not that I'd want be be outside in it or anything, but there's just something... calming about being indoors during a thunderstorm :p

Mom's gone off somewhere (either to pick Adam up from work, or just up in her room) which is slightly inconvenient, because I just woke up, and I'm hungry, and it's supper time, to I want to go get something.

So no work tonight (yay), but I might end up heading up there as soon as I find Mom just to grab some food. I've already made it clear that I want tonight off to them (well, not directly), so even if something happens and they want me to come in, I can quite easily say no. Then it's back tomorrow night, at 9, then Thursday, from 8 to close. I have a bad feeling I'm going to have to work with Mark on Thursday. Meh. What can be done?

It's time I went to find Mom though. I am hungry.

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