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Another One

What strange dreams. Can only remember one bit in particular: we were in some house (where, I don't know), and there was a piano in front of me, and I kept getting told by some person to play a song, so I did, and I played far better than I could now (or possibly could before), in particular, slowing down near the end of the song for effect, then playing the rest perfectly or something. Makes me want to go down and play a song right now, but I haven't touched our piano in how many years, so it wouldn't be worth the trouble :\ And as for the song I was playing (in the dream, of course)? I'm almost positive it was "Can you Feel the Love Tonight", because we've got a book of music from Aladdin (the movie, of course :p), and that's the only song I really learned how to play well :s

So otherwise, I'm doing several things today. Waiting for replies to two emails I sent out, one being to get an address (what for, you'll have to guess :o), and the other for something I wrote about in here a while back. Might also be going grocery shopping later on in the afternoon, but other than that, work at 8, then three days off. Yay :3

It's looking to be an interesting night though, seeing as it's me, Jerome, and Manoah closing. They don't have the greatest track record with... how to say... keeping the store (and themselves) clean, but provided they don't get carried away, and we aren't extremely busy tonight, it shouldn't be too bad. I'll probably be on drive through again though. Feh.

More Pokémon Pearl right now though. Got up to being partway through the Veilstone HQ before I went to sleep, so it's time to see what comes next~