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Quite a Relief

...knowing that I have three days off now :s After the past couple days, it'll be nice to have even one full night off.

But yeah. Tonight, was pretty much the same as any other busy Thursday night. The only difference(s) were that I was on line and Manoah was on drive through (for the first couple hours, at least), we were there 'till quarter to 5 in the morning, and I also ended up taking over drive through for Manoah at 11, when normally I would've much rather stayed on line. Just because it was really busy, and I was tired, so I'd end up making everything for an order except for the fries, then clear it, then walk over to the fry dump to get the fries, and forget just what I'd planned on doing between the two :p It might've been amusing were we not busy, but yeah...

So that, and I ended up cutting my finger on the fry boxes, which was the main reason I offered to take over drive through. Feh.

As for those emails I talked about earlier, one's been taken care of :3 Wonder if it'll have made it by the 12th... I doubt it, seeing as it looks to be going slightly further than the other two did, but we'll have to see. As for the other email, I dunno. Must have patience~

And I think for now I'm just going to go upstairs. Want to play some more Pokémon Pearl, even though I'm not quite sure what I have to do now (beat Cyrus and caught Palkia before I had to leave for work), but otherwise I'll just go to bed.

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