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Good God. I think I'm going to be sick. About half an hour ago now, this nasty smell started wafting into the house, and it hasn't stopped yet. It smells like something's burning, but as far as I can tell, nothing in the house is. When it initially started coming in, I went into the kitchen and took a big sniff in front of one of the windows, and nearly keeled over right there. It's nasty. The basement still smells of warm air and laundry soap (quite a good-smelling combination, IMO), so I could move down there for the time being, but that's just silly.

This is nothing I've ever smelled before either :-\ It's like a mix of burning rubber and something else just as bad.

... it's not going away either. FFS. How am I going to get to sleep tonight? It smells just as bad upstairs.

Oh well. I just logged in to say that, so right now I'm going to watch at least one more episode of the Drew Carey Show, and cross my fingers that this problem clears itself up.

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