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Sure Enough...

Josh just called (again). They're "getting killed" and there's "a pile of dishes at the back". Last night we "got killed" and there was "a pile of dishes at the back" that hardly got touched while we were still open, that took me 'till quarter to 5 to wash, even though we closed at 3. Then Ange came on, said something about how she almost broke her foot, and that it'd really help if I took her shift for her.

The most amusing thing about this is that last night, we tried to call someone in, but nobody would, and tonight, one of the people we tried to call in tried to do the exact same thing. Amazing.

And also: earlier on, got up to go to the bathroom, and picked up one of the our cats on the way upstairs, because she was running around, handed her to Naomi (who was in the TV room), then noticed earphones. My earphones. As in the ones I had before I went out and bought replacements. However, instead of saying something like "Figures you would've had them", I asked her "Where were these at?" Her answer? "Mom found them in the couch." Yeah. Right.

I still have the receipt though, so I could return the replacement set, had I not lost one of the little rubber things that go on the earpieces, but we'll have to see. If I were in their (Staples') position, I wouldn't accept a (used) pair of earphones for return, but you never know :p

And also now, assuming you haven't already, check your emails, squnq :3

But anyways, aside from that brief annoyance from the people at work, today's been, well, uneventful once again :p Woke up at 4, played Pokémon Pearl 'till 6:30, went downstairs, and played more Pearl. So much stuff done in one day~ I'm up to working my way through Victory Road right now. Might have to level up a bit more before taking on the Elite 4 though, seeing as Luxray's at level 60, and I've got a level 50 Empoleon as well, but other than that, the rest are under level 40. Feh.

Might head out to 7-11 in a bit (preferably after 11, seeing as that's when Adam goes to bed), but for now, more Pokémon Pearl~