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That's One Good Thing

Just woke up, walked downstairs to see Mom and Dad just leaving to pick Adam up from work, then went into the kitchen, grabbed the phone, and dialed EB Games' number. Asked if they had any Action Replays for the DS in. Apparently they do, for $29.99, but now I just have to wonder if Mom and Dad are just going to pick Adam up, or are going other places than besides Home Hardware, because both of them went, and normally just one of them takes the van when he calls. Meh. Unless he actually wants to go out to EB Games himself before coming home, there really shouldn't be a problem, aside from having to wait.

So that'll actually work out nicely. Head to EB Games, get an Action Replay, and maybe (maybe) Pokémon Diamond as well, then on the way back, stop by Taco Bell to grab some supper, because I had wanted to last night, but I really didn't think showing my face there would be a good idea after I... declined to come in.

Then it's back home to do pretty much just what I did yesterday :3 That whole feeling of "there's nothing to do around here" is coming back again, but I'd like to think that past, say, 10 at night, there's not a whole lot to do anyways, although given that it's Saturday, there probably are, but if I were into those sorts of things, I'd have been doing so a long time ago :p

But for now, it's time to fix the clock on the VCR in here, because it's been three hours fast for the past couple months now (and it's always Monday, for some reason), then play Guitar Hero II 'till Mom and Dad get home~

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