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For no real reason, I just took a look at my bookmarks, and noticed the one for "Think". That game sort of thing I wrote something about a while back. By an amazing bit of luck, I was able to skip from level 13 to level 33 (:o), and as of right now, I'm up to 37 :3

... these are quite cryptic. Level 37's text is as follows: "in the address without % but a -", then it goes on to tell you it might be a good idea to look at the source code. However, the answer? What I'm going to call the character code for a space. You might happen to glance up in the address bar of your browser while viewing a certain page, and notice there seem to be quite a few "%" symbols. That, followed by two specific numbers "equals" a space, and it's those two numbers that are part of the answer.

But it is 6 in the morning, so I really should at least get upstairs. Might take another shot at beating Cynthia before actually going to sleep, but I don't know. The couple times I've tried so far, I've been able to take care of Spiritomb, Gastrodon, and Lucario without... extreme problems, and the only one that's been a pain to beat was Garchomp, mostly because it's level 66, and knows Earthquake :\ Roserade and Milotic couldn't be that difficult, provided I'm able to use Spark, but I've yet to fight either of them, so once again, I don't know.

On an unrelated note, it's also times like these that make me wish I was... how to say "graphically inclined". As in, able to actually work with pictures and stuff better. Spent most of an hour around midnight making up a new wallpaper for my laptop here, being a combination of two somewhat random pictures. I'd upload it somewhere, but chances are that's not a good idea, because I've no clue what the authors of the two pictures think about people modifying them :s Although it definitely beats having to ask someone "Hey do you think you could make something like this?" Yeah. Just a random fact :p

And tomorrow is my last day off (for now), which kind of sucks, but thinking back, the past few Sundays I've had off, I've stayed up 'till 10 in the morning and gone to EB Games to get something, which could work out this time as well, seeing as I wasn't able to get an Action Replay today. Hopefully. And maybe one other thing will have changed by tomorrow. I can only hope~

Time to head upstairs for now though.

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