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Completely Forgot About Those

So I'm sitting in front of the computer here right now, and I was just about to run upstairs to grab one of my tails (yeah, I know it's rather pathetic that the only time I wear them is when everyone's asleep :s), then just watch whatever on the computer, but I went into the kitchen first, to see if I could find anything to eat, and surprise surprise, I forgot I had to do dishes tonight. Bleh.

And one thing of note about work tonight: got my pay stub, for something like ~$380, but I'm just going to round it up to $400 for the purpose of making it easier to figure out what I have to give Mom and Dad. That's the bad part though. Here's why:

$100 to Dad (I still don't know what it's for specifically)
$40 to Mom for gas
$15 to Dad for the internet
$75 to Dad because he paid for our income taxes or something

So that's really nice. I have to give them $240. Ugh. If the money's going towards something that I'm actually going to get something else out of (so for example, the gas money), it's not so bad, but over half of what I got paid for these past two weeks? It's a bit much.

But I really should go upstairs, then come back down here to the kitchen though, because the freezer door's still open, and it's going to take me some time to get those dishes done (that's two separate thoughts there :p).

Oh fun.