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Fog :o

So much of it. Coming home from work, I could barely even see the traffic lights until we were just a little bit away from them. That, and it's incredibly humid. Bleh. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come.

Work was pretty good, even though we didn't get out 'till 2:30, aside from a bit of fuss from Steve for the first couple hours, about there being too many cars, and having to do the dishes. And interestingly enough, Mark took a look at who's working on Friday, and they have something like 12 or 13 people over supper. So you'd have to think about that. There'd be two people on drive through, three people on line, two people on mini (if necessary), one person on front cash, one person doing backups, (hopefully) one person doing the dishes, and possibly one person out cleaning the dining room when need be. That leaves them with two more people just standing around doing nothing.

So right now, I'm thinking of going in there Friday night (around 9 or 10 or so) to get some food, and ask them "So is everything done tonight?". With the amount of people they have, there's no reason things shouldn't be caught up when the closers start. Either that, or if they try to call me in again (and they might, seeing as they have the past two Fridays in a row), I'm just going to tell them "No. I've already seen how many people were on tonight, so there's no reason you could possibly need me to come in." Yay.

But also on Friday, I need to get out to Sobeys to get Mom a card for Mothers Day. Naomi's going grocery shopping tomorrow, so I won't be able to get one then, and I have Friday off, so yeah. Probably that, and just a thing of cashews, because I haven't been able to think of anything else :s

And a random thing now. 22nd or 23rd. I think either of those will be the right date. Of course, I won't be staying up 'till 10 both mornings to check, but I can still wake up then. Or maybe it'd be better just to let someone else get to it before me. Well, more fun, at least, because then they'd constantly be asking "What's that?". "That" being a certain something. It shouldn't be too difficult to guess, but you're not getting any clues :3

Now it's time to go into the kitchen and see if I can't find something to eat. Didn't have anything at work tonight, so I'm once again starving. Of course, there probably won't be, seeing as they're getting groceries tomorrow, but I can still check~

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