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It's Too Hot ;_;

I know it's way too early in the year to expect the air conditioning to be on, but it's disgusting in here. Well actually, I can think of one thing that'd help right now.

WTF. Just went upstairs to grab the cooling thing for my laptop I got a while back, and the phone rang, but Naomi picked it up, then on the way downstairs, I heard her yell my name, so I picked up the phone, expecting it to be someone from work trying to get me to come in early. Not quite. Someone "Calling on behalf of TD Canada Trust" trying to get me to sign up for a VISA card or something :s Hung up, waited a bit, pressed the "Talk" button, and could still hear her (she said something about "Sorry?"), then hung it back up again, unplugged the battery, plugged it back in, and that's where we are right now.

But yeah, that thing I was talking about grabbing was indeed this cooling pad, which is currently cooling my legs as well as my laptop :p

It looks like soon enough I'll be dragging my fan down here in the morning as well though. Bleh.

Trying to fall asleep this morning was quite possibly the worst part of today so far though. It took me 'till ~8:30 alone, which meant that I had to send an email to Michele to tell her I wouldn't be in, and in the reply she sent back, said something like "I was wondering where you'd been" :\ I'm definitely going in tomorrow though.

So work tonight. I think it's me, Steve, and Mark. Yeah, they're still giving us a whopping three people for a Thursday night. And that is the thing though. Steve was going on and on yesterday about how they need to give us another person, but I can actually see why they aren't. We've proven time and again that even with three people, we can still have the store cleaned up (to a degree), prep done, dishes washed, etc. and still be out of there in good time. So to whoever's making the schedule, or hears "We need more people on nights" remarks made, we just want another one because it'd be more convenient for us.

Then as I've already said, tomorrow off, then closing on Saturday and Sunday, off on Monday, and back on Tuesday. Feh.

Time to find something else to do for now~

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