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That *was* an Interesting Afternoon

Asterisks there because I'm not allowed to use HTML in the subject for some reason :\

First thing: if you happen to be reading this, squnq, the 6th word of the second line in that reply I sent you is supposed to say "ever". It'd be rather pointless to send another reply just to say that, so it'll do just fine in here.

So yeah. Not only to I lose the ability to spell properly when I'm tired, but I also can't add (apparently). I didn't owe Mom and Dad $240. I owed them $230 :s Didn't make much of a difference though, aside from that I had a 20 to pay with at 7-11, as opposed to using my debit card, so that worked out. Next time I have to give them money, it should only be $40 (or possibly $50, because I do have quite a few shifts coming up). I currently have something like ~$3,800 in my account, which is rather ironic, because this is the second time that I would've had the amount I expected to, had I not withdrawn money. Yeah. This is very relevant right now, but it probably won't be by 9:00 tonight :x

Things didn't go too badly at Heart and Stroke, and thankfully, I got outside for a bit two times, once to take the mail down to the mailbox (fascinating), and the other time to pump gas for Michele, because she didn't know how to. Honestly, I really didn't know how either, but despite that, I managed to fill the tank with exactly $40 worth, so yay :3

...wow. I just read "Donkey Xote" in the picture here as "Donkey Time". Now I can't read either~

I think it's about time I had a nap (at least) :p

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