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Thank God for Tweezers

So I was just laying in bed here, working on a puzzle on my laptop (I've been bored lately - so help me :p), when Tabby jumped up onto the table, and walked onto it. At first I just thought "So what can I do for you, Tabby?", but then she went to step off it or something, and sent the whole thing falling down onto the floor. At first, it looked like she didn't cause any damage, because I could still see the timer for the puzzle going, but I went to pick it back up, and noticed that the "/" and Delete keys from the number pad had gone missing, as well as that the USB part of the little mouse I have was bent on a 45 degree angle.

Fixed the former problem with tweezers, which helped me figure out just what I had to lift up to get the key back on, and as for the mouse, it takes quite a bit of fiddling with, but it still works. Just wish I knew where the other one went... Past circumstances would lead me to believe Naomi has it, but unfortunately, accusing her of such without any evidence isn't going to do me much good. Don't exactly have the money to go out and buy a new one either (well, I do, but I'd rather not spend it when the one I have still works to a degree). Feh :\

Tabby is now out of the room, so I might as well see about finishing that puzzle and go to sleep. I have today off, and although it appears that there won't be much to do, I'm sure I'll find something :p