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They Never Told Me...

So it's 12:00 right now. Mom just stuck her head in here, while I was still half asleep, and said something about if I was coming to get my hair cut, I had to get up. So according to everyone else (including Adam), they told me we had an appointment for such quite a while ago, and I'd like to know where they're getting that. At very least, had they actually done that, I'd have written something about it in here or whatever.

So Mom just took off, presumably to get hers cut, and I'm still up here, which is the annoying part. On one hand, I really don't appreciate getting woken up for something I was never warned of (let alone anything else, really), but also, I've needed a haircut for some time now, especially for work. On the other hand though, unless I went to the bank (and I'd really rather not), I wouldn't have any money for snacks, so yeah.

Now it's back to sleep, then afterwards, I'll try to figure out just what happened just now. Like I said, I know for a fact they told me nothing, but they're quite adamant that they did.