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One More Weird Dream

Just a bit of background info first. Some people are coming down from the head office to inspect (or so I'm assuming) the store (Taco Bell) tomorrow afternoon. If they don't think we're keeping it clean enough, and doing things properly, they can effectively close the store, but unless they really have it in for us, I can't picture that being used unless things were really bad. As such though, they've got some extra cleaning ahead of them tonight, they being Manoah, Jess, and Mark. Manoah is almost certain Jess is going to call in sick, and thus plans on possibly calling me in, but I don't think I'll go, for all the reasons I've gone over before.

... disgusting. I just pulled a hair out of the back of my throat :x

Anyways, on to the dream.

For some reason I can't explain, in it, the store had already been closed, and everyone had gone to work at Dairy Queen instead :s The dining room was still laid out the same, as was "line", but the rest of the store was completely changed around. Also, for some reason, the same people were coming to inspect the store, although the logical assumption for that would be to make sure we were doing things properly there.

I wasn't scheduled to work that day, but Manoah contacted me in some way or another, and I reluctantly agreed to come in, but on the condition that all I'd be doing was tidying up the dining room, and then I was going home. Also, it was at that point that I realized it was still daytime, most likely around lunch. Rather fitting, because the last time I'd fallen asleep at that point, I'd glanced at the clock shortly before, and it was ~12:15.

So we got on the way to the store, which was interesting, because instead of Manoah, I was driving along with someone else, who I'm going to guess is someone I'm going to be getting another certain something from either by the end of this month, or shortly into next (shh). I had my laptop with me, but for whatever reason, said other person was using it, first checking their email, and seeing the reply I sent to them last night, then switched to another tab in which I was writing an entry here, did something or other to it, posted the thing, and it switched all the page and text colors to be light blue on a black background :s Strange.

But moving on, we reached the store, and I started walking to the back, presumably to check the schedule, and passed by quite a few people along the way. At least 10, all just giving me some sort of weird look, as if they'd never seen me before. Reached the back though, then started walking back up to the front again, but somewhere along the way, lost my shirt. However, someone noticed before I did, and let someone else in the back know that I'd need a new one. They certainly were different. Clear white plastic things, that when worn, turned almost solid white. And they were fuzzy as well. I don't know why, but they were cool <3

So after that, I went out to the dining room, and ran into someone who had the air of being "In charge" about them. It wasn't Earl either, because he was still inside making food. For whatever reason, at that point, I was wearing the second tail I got from Bladespark, and the guy took notice. He said something about "So what the hell is this? Do your parents look at you in the morning, and say "Our son, the owl?" I muttered something about "Sorry... won't do it again", but honestly I wouldn't. It could be a fun thing to wear should I work on Halloween this year or something, but otherwise, there are far too many places it could get damaged in there. Setting aside that "owl" isn't the proper animal either, but that'd fall under the category of taking dreams way too seriously.

Anyways, after that, he said something else about my pants, because I was just wearing my regular jeans, and I once again apologized, then set about cleaning the dining room. However, the guy that I had just talked to sat down beside some other guy, and said something like "So what do you think?" Apparently the other guy was the auditor. He asked how things were going on on line, and the other guy told him that they had a lot of fries, so I glanced in, and saw that there were indeed 12 or so boxes of fries piled up on one tray, with plenty more off to the side.

And then with no apparent reason for doing so whatsoever, the auditor picked up something he was eating (it looked like a bag of M&Ms), and threw it right at Earl, who was still inside making food, apparently because he wasn't too happy with how he was doing, then just sat back like he'd done nothing wrong at all. Skip ahead about half an hour, and everyone had left the dining room, when someone else walked in, and asked "Is he here?" Said person seemed to be a cop, even though they weren't wearing the uniform, but it still makes sense, I suppose.

So I said "Yeah, he's here", and got told to wait somewhere else, but after clearing up the confusion that they were actually looking for Earl and / or the auditor. The dream ended with me looking at Earl, and hearing him say something like "He always does this... always", then looking to front cash, and seeing Shelia standing there, asking anyone if they saw what exactly was thrown. I can't remember specifically what she said, but I woke up after that.


Feh. So now I don't know what I'm going to do. Mom's just finished making supper though, so might as well got eat for now~

Oh irony. Mom has some running around to do, so she asked me and Adam if there was anywhere we wanted / needed to go as well. Yes. Yes there is, however, I don't think she'd spring for taking me to London at 7 at night :3

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