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Phone just rang. It's only 9:30, so there was still the chance it could be Dad calling to be picked up from work, but the more likely "option" was that it was someone from work trying to call me in. Said "Hello?", and I heard Ange say "Hi". Conversation was as follows:

Me: Hello?
Ange: Hi.
Me (sort of under my breath): I don't wanna I don't wanna
Ange: You don't?
Me: Well...
Ange: Jess's had to go to the hospital, so...
Me: What happened?
Ange: Huh?
Me: What happened?
Ange: Well it's a long story but... it's not good... but I can't make you if you don't want to
Me: Well there is the problem that my uniform's in the wash right now
Ange: Okay... well, bye.

So I don't know. Normally she gives me more of a hard time, when I say no, but this time there was nothing of the sort. But also, interestingly enough, the only times I get called is when I have a day off. Never when I am working, and just get called in early or something. Feh :\

... this stuff is interesting. Bought a bottle of this "Bawls" energy drink at 7-11 earlier, because I read somewhere else that it'll make you go "OMFG INTERNETS" (or something like that), but the only thing of note right now is that it tastes remarkably like Ginger Ale (well, that or Vernors, maybe - haven't had either in some time). Curious~ I suppose I'd notice more of an energy boost if I was actually up and about doing stuff, but at the moment, I'm just sitting here writing this, which is really doing nothing :p

And the only other thing I forgot to write about earlier was something else about last night. Upon getting home from work, I noticed that my hands really smelled strange, but it was probably because Manoah had me wash something off that was previously covered in bleach. I also noticed that whenever I brought my hands close to my face, it'd almost make my throat hurt, and today, it actually does. My hands almost smell normal again (with the exception of a bit of sugar from the Timbits I got earlier), so yeah. I hope I'm not on drive through tomorrow night, because at this point, it seems that it could only get worse. So fun~

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