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This is a pretty cool "song". I was looking through my RSS feeds earlier today, and saw one in Shoutwire's that said "Sunday Bloody Sunday Performed by George Bush". I thought "what the hell" and took a look at it. I've never heard the original song, but I actually like it. You can see the movie here. Cool, no? I went so far as to download a program to extract the audio from video files, and put the song on my PSP so I'd have something new to listen to at work :)

As for work, it was alright, but Josh was really annoying. Not Josh the manager, but Josh the new guy. I went to school with him, I believe. Anyways, it was his second shift, and he was on drive through. He actually did pretty good on that, but it was how he acted that was annoying. Either he was trying to impress the customers or someone else, or was just stressed out, but pretty much every other thing out of his mouth was him telling someone to do something for him. Examples of such:

"Manoah, I need this stuff for my order. Get it for me."

"I need someone on line!" [i go up to make the order, and grab the fries needed first] "I NEED PEOPLE ON LINE"

"Is my whole order here?"

It seems like he was trying to act as if he was in control of the shift, for whatever reason. Whenever he said something, it wasn't so much as a question as an order. Yeah, we are there to help, but we're not there to be at his every command. Also, despite thinking he was allowed to tell us what to do, it must've seemed perfectly logical to him that he should be allowed to walk around and say "Git'r Done" whenever we weren't busy. I'm sorry. I like Larry the Cable Guy's stuff as much as the next person, but he was just getting carried away.

At least they're getting some more people trained for closes though. We've got at least 3 more people that should be joining us on nights at least once a week now, being Blaine, Mark, and Josh. Blaine and Josh are both still in school, so they can only really close on weekends, but I don't know about Mark. He's actually older than me (married as well, I think), and I can't think of why he'd be working at Taco Bell. Glenda said something the other night about how he said to her "It's amazing, how you can have it all, and wind up starting at the beginning again", so maybe he actually had a really good job sometime in the past? He's rather mysterious, to say the least, but he is fun to work with. He's yet to touch drive-through, but he knows line pretty solidly (enough to steam, in fact), so he seems to be learning things pretty quickly.


Next weekend's going to be a treat. We're going to Wingham on Saturday, to have a family reunion of sort at my Uncle's house. As far as I know, we're leaving around 9 in the morning, and guess what? I'm scheduled to close Friday night. Well, I was. I got talking to Glenda about what my plans were for next weekend earlier tonight, and in the end, she changed my shift from 8-5, to 8-12. I don't know whether that's going to hold out or not, but hopefully it does. Other than me, Glenda, Josh, and Kevin are all scheduled to close that night, so they've got at least two people that really know what they're doing. They should be alright, as long as they aren't extremely busy.

My schedule for the upcoming week is interesting as well. Here's what it looks like.

Sunday: 9pm - 3am
Monday: 7pm - 3am
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: 11am - 7pm
Friday: 8pm - 12am
Saturday: Off, can't be called in.
Sunday: Off

The day shift on Thursday is going to be sweet. I really don't like closing on that night, as that's when the order comes. It's always a race to see if we can have stuff done and be out of there before 3:30 or so, as otherwise we have to put the whole of the order away, and date it and whatnot. It's not an extremely big hassle, but it is time consuming. By far the worst shift is going to be Friday's, as, like I said above, Josh is working, and I know right now that I'll be given heck about needing to leave early. Monday looks pretty bad, just because of what time I have to be in, but those nights are usually dead, so it's going to be interesting.

Thank God we're getting into the fall / winter weather now though. It's nice to have some predictability back into the night shifts. As in, when bar rush will come, what time we can expect most of the cars to have come through by, and such. Summer was much more unpredictable, and busy as well. I just can't wait for it to start snowing.

Anyways, that's going to be it for now, as it is 6:16 in the morning. I'm not extremely tired yet, but I realize I haven't written anything in here for a while, and I'd rather post this than nothing at all ;)

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