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... my room isn't one of the warmer places in this house :x Stepped out into the hallway just a couple minutes ago, and wow, is it ever warm (and humid) up there. Certainly feels like rain though, and looking at that site again, there's now a severe weather warning. Yay~ I've yet to set foot outside (I just got up, obviously), but hopefully it's cooler out there. If not, well, it's going to be a long night tonight.

Actually, a long string of nights, really, seeing as starting tonight, I close straight through to Sunday, and have both it and Monday off. And on a somewhat related note, it's also ironic that now, when I really can't make much use of them, I'm getting all these Monday nights off. Meh.

So tonight it's supposed to be me, Jess, and Mark, but I got to thinking last night that Jess'd probably end up not being able to work for whatever reason again, but then realized that if she had to go to the hospital, as she did in this particular case, Shelia or Earl would take her off the schedule temporarily. That begs the question of who will be covering the shifts in her place, and right now, either Steve or Manoah come to mind.

And that idea I had for my bed last night didn't quite work, and ended up resulting in me having another strange dream, about walking to work, and forgetting my uniform, but then realizing I was wearing it, then seeing I was at school, and forgetting a presentation I had to give, then on to trying to catch some Pokémon (in real life) that was like some giant squid, then turned to some dog-like thing, with this hard rock sort of covering all over it's body, that was running around some sort of track that was (apparently) in our backyard, and I had to chase it, and while I was doing so, a little radar appeared in front of my face showing me where it was like they do in videogames (and when I did catch up to it, I hit it on the head, which dropped it's health bar down to almost empty), then I was suddenly back in the house, standing in the cat room, and noticed the door was open, with Tabby just about to run out it, so I closed and locked the thing, and looked in out in the backyard to see if I could spot that "creature", but only saw a dark grey, almost black cat, that I was certain was it. Then I ran back into the house because I needed the keys to the garage to get my project for work (I really don't know), and noticed the time, and from that figured that I had to get dressed extremely quickly if I didn't want to be late. The last part of the dream was me looking at my friends page here, and seeing a post in some group about all sorts of furry wallpapers, and when I clicked the link, I could indeed see them, which is bothersome. They were things I'd never seen before (but probably were influenced in some way or another), and yet they look absolutely beautiful while I'm dreaming, but trying to recreate them in whatever program would be an absolute disaster.

So yeah. Very incoherent, for the most part, but if you think they sound weird reading them, just imagine having the actual dream :p

Time to find something else to do now~

Okay. Just went out on the back porch, and it's strange out there. Not unbearably warm, but still quite so. And now it's getting quite dark, and very windy. <3

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