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Nice Start to the Day

Alarm went off at 12, so I turned it off, and set it ahead to 12:10, to try to get a bit more sleep, but no. I lay back down in bed, and suddenly there's this pain in my chest. Wouldn't go away 'till I came down here to get a drink of water and have a small something to eat either. And here I thought my problem was just that I had a sore throat. Meh. Unless it comes back again, I'm not going to worry about it too much.

So it's 12:51 right now, which means that I should be well on my way to Heart and Stroke, but of course not. Mom and Dad took the van some time ago to go pick Adam up so he could grab some lunch (which doesn't make much sense, because he works at Home Hardware, and there's plenty of places to get something to eat close by there), and they still aren't back. Dad (at very least) knows I plan on going though, so whatever. If I'm late, I'm late.

And they're finally back now. Off we go~

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