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Terrible, truly terrible. "Even you lol" just screams "professionalism" :x They're also missing a comma in the second bit of "speech" :p

And an interesting observation on volunteering this afternoon. Didn't stop by 7-11 on the way (because I know I should be saving the $10 I have in my pocket here to get a haircut), and although I brought my laptop, I never plugged it in at all, because I never really got around to it.

In this one afternoon, I managed to get more work done than in the past two times I've gone combined. There's something like ~400 records left to go through, and if it were only 200 or so, I'd still be there right now, because Michele said (in not so many words) that once I'd finished the P2P receipting, she didn't exactly have anything ready for me. But maybe (maybe), I'll go in tomorrow or Friday, because combined with the single day I was asked to come in next week, I could very well have it all done and caught up. Of course, there still is the problem of sorting through all the unused receipts afterwards, to determine whether they were truly unused or not, but other than that, there's not too much work left.

I think it's time to play some Guitar Hero II though, because Mom's started on the piano :s She can't decide which song she wants to play either...

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