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So Very Tempting

A certain topic has been the center of discussion lately at Taco Bell. There exists a site called Facebook, on which there is a group for people that work at Taco Bell (or so I assume). Apparently Megan (the one that was supposed to work on Saturday night) is the one that created it, and according to Mark, who was browsing it some time ago, it originally seemed interesting, but after seeing that it was pretty much used to bad-mouth managers, decided he'd be better off leaving it.

However, as I understand it, Mike's (the current district manager) daughter is / was a member of that group, and of course, things were said about him, so she brought them to his attention.

Long story short, from what I've heard, "people" (don't know who specifically) are going to the head office about it, which'll most likely result in Megan getting fired. Feh. Not my concern, but the temptation part comes in with wanting to register there, just to see what was written, but not wanting to take the risk of using any information / saying anything that could be traced back to me. Yeah, there are ways around that, but to go one of those ways wouldn't be worth it.

So it's times like these that I like this little thing I've got here. I have been asked if I was registered at that site in the past, but I simply said "No", and left it at that. This here is (relatively) unknown (oh yes I said it :p), and if it's one thing I like, it's keeping to myself :3

As for work tonight, pretty much standard, with only one main annoyance. Steve. When he's steaming, to be specific. For some godforsaken reason, he likes to start by making the fries, then anything that needs to be steamed (so chili cheese burritos, meximelts, and mexican pizzas), then burritos, tacos, and anything else that doesn't require (special) treatment, and finally anything that needs to be grilled. Big waste of time. The way I've been told many times over is as follows:

1) Make all the grilled items
2) Make all the steamed items
3) Make all the regular items
4) Make the nachos and fries

That way, by the time the grilled items are done being, well, grilled, everything else should be almost done as well, and that way you can quickly move onto the next order. Maybe I'm just being fussy though~

And one other thing: ever since John "left", it seems that the (somewhat unfortunate) duty of eating weird stuff has fallen to me. As evidenced by how I ended up eating a nacho with about 6 packets of pepper on it, as well as a bit of nacho cheese. Before that, it was a nacho with a lot of salt on it. That wasn't too bad, but the pepper one was :s But it also gives you the satisfaction of having eaten something they'd never touch, if you can even say that :p

It's about time I ran upstairs to grab something (well, two somethings actually), then see if there's anything to eat.

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