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Isn't this Nice

Mom just came down here so I asked what we were having for supper, because there's always the chance it's just self-serve.

... and Markie just called. Wanted to know if I'd come in for 8 instead of 9. Bleh. It's only an hour though, and I have had to be in at 8 for the past two shifts I've worked as well, so it won't be too much different. But tomorrow and Saturday, definitely not 'till 9 though. Especially on Saturday, seeing as Josh is the closing manager. Haven't seen him much in ages, let alone worked with him, so yeah. Tonight it's me, Mark, Steve, and Manoah though, so it's nice to see they're actually giving us 4 people on a Thursday night again (although it could just be this time, given that the long weekend is almost here).

So as for supper, as if I haven't made enough of them in the past couple days, we're having tacos :s Those shells in the kitchen are far too small compared to the ones we have at work though.

And hopefully something else'll have changed by the time I have to leave for work. If not, I just might have to check how things are going on their end. I mean, I've already paid for the... item, and they've received the payment, but they encountered problems trying to send the item off the first time, told me they'd send a message when they did send it out, and that it'd be by the end of the week at latest. The end of the week is rapidly approaching, and here we are...

Now it's time to go eat what we're going to end up selling and making way too many of tonight~

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