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Smoke Detector Works :D

Had some raisin bread in the toaster all of about 5 minutes ago, and it was in there a bit too long, and set the smoke detector off. On one hand, it's good to know they still work, but at the same time, should the house ever catch on fire, everyone would stay asleep :p Well, that, or they did hear it, but knew that I was still down here. Still rather unsettling though :s

And also, did make an account at Facebook before I left for work earlier on tonight, and found the group in question. Honestly, I couldn't see what everyone's making such a big deal about, but upon trying to check the group again after getting home, it's nowhere to be found :o There is, however, a group titled "Earl Murphy Is a Douchebag", which is rather sad. Some people just have nothing better to do with their time, I guess~

Work in itself wasn't too bad, with the exception of the problem I went over last night (Steve not making food in the most efficient order), Steve (once again) not being able to drop fries for the life of him, and doing (almost all) of the dishes.

The fries thing came about during the bar rush, when all we needed to complete an order was a single fry supreme, but there weren't too many fries left in the fry dump. So he, in all his stubbornness, decided to say that we were all out, and that they'd have to take nachos, leaving me to drop another basket of fries, and scrape enough out of the fry dump to fill a box.

And as for the dishes, 3 hours' worth. Enough said. Started at 8, took 'till 9 rotating stock, and getting other things done, then started washing dishes, and didn't finish the last tray 'till midnight. Satisfying, really.

Found out that Manoah might not be moving to London after all, for personal reasons (more or less), and he made a comment after talking about what was going on with us that he felt alot better than he had (stressed out, etc.), and all I could think when he said that was "You'd think so, huh?" It's amazing how much better just writing down what's bothering you on a piece of paper, or telling someone, or whatever else. Even if it doesn't bring about a solution to that problem, it just does something to get whatever "it" is off your mind. Yeah, obvious stuff really, but so very intriguing at the same time.

Anyways, same crew's on tomorrow night, with the exception of Jerome being the closing manager instead of Mark. Meh. I can see Steve being on drive through, Manoah being on line, and maybe, for a change of pace, I'll do the dining room or something. That's the best thing about night shifts, actually. For the most part, you're free to choose what you want to do, as opposed to being given a set of tasks by the shift manager.

Also, for that item I talked about it my previous entry, I figure I'll wait 'till Saturday, and if I haven't received any notification by then that it was sent off, I'll email the person back. I'd really prefer to not come across as impatient, but at this point, there isn't much else I can do :\

So I'm in the mood to play some Guitar Hero II right now. Might as well~

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