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Earlier on this morning, I happened to stumble upon (not literally) this site. How I managed to do so is a story all on it's own, but to make things simple, I found my way there from something on wincustomize.com.

So nothing seems wrong with it at first, except for a spelling mistake or two, and that slightly out-of-place image. However, view the source for the page, or hover your mouse over the picture, or find some other way of viewing the alternate text. Yeah. "the Bennetts at play" and a picture of a bull (i'm not completely sure :s), divided up to differentiate cuts of meat really seems appropriate.

Of course, it could probably just be blamed on someone updating the image, and not changing / removing the alternate text, but whatever. I am being way too fussy, but it's a wonderfully fun way to pass time :3

And what's going on here. Since I got up, both Dad and Adam have asked me if Josh is working tonight, and then said that I should invite him over. Excuse me? As much as he may be my friend, I don't keep track of his shifts. That's his responsibility, and as well, why is everyone so... obsessed with what I do with my day. This is the first one I've had off since Tuesday. All I want to do is wait 'till 8 or 9 or so, go to Tim Hortons, come back here, and have a nice relaxing night at home, as opposed to work. But no. Apparently by having a day off, there's suddenly another nice long list of obligations I have to consider before I can so much as do anything I want. Feh. Overreaction~

But now...

So, we needed Mom for something or other, but she was out shopping, but we needed her so badly that we went after her. Piled into the van, and started driving, and shortly after we left, I glanced back behind me / to my right, and saw a store that would've replaced Sobeys where it is right now. The store in the dream was one that effectively stocked only spicy food though :s All I could see were a couple large boxes on shelves, that looked like they were about to fall off, and then a couple people walking around the store, but then we continued on.

Next thing I knew, we had reached the store where Mom was, and set about searching for her. Near the back, we noticed someone looking through some juice, that just so happened to be her. She said something like "How'd you guys know I'd be here?", then she stood back up, and I noticed something else she had in her arms. Looked like a glass bottle full of butter (strangely enough), but I didn't get to notice much else, before Naomi said she wanted to get something as well, and then the dream either ended or I woke up.

I want to say I know what store it actually was as well, but thinking about it now, it seems more like it was a combination of 3. While we were walking back to find Mom, it was laid out like Walmart used to be, before they "moved", and it still connected directly to North Maple Mall. When we found Mom, it turned into what Zellers is like right now, near the little restaurant inside of it, and after Naomi said she had something to get as well, and went over to get it with us following her, it changed once again to Future Shop. I couldn't actually see outside or anything, and I've only been there once, but it still really seemed like it.

So yeah. Maybe not "strange" per se. I can't remember any more "normal" dreams, so for all I know, these ones I write in here from time to time could in fact be normal, but I really can't see there being any dividing line between the two. Meh.

And one other random fact, actually. The past couple times I stayed the night at Josh's house, I woke up early enough in the morning, and had nothing better to do, that I started watching infomercials :x The one that I can still remember is for that "Oreck" air cleaner. I look over to my right here, and what do I see? Yes indeed. Although the odds that they actually ordered it are quite slim, so the question of how it got here still goes unanswered, but it's still funny. Yeah.

I'm going to take my incoherent self and go eat supper now~

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