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Today is a holiday, and Monday as well. Dad obviously has the day off from work, as I'd assume Mom would, because her "employer" probably has plans for their family as well. This is probably the one night of the year that I'd have a (more or less) "for sure" way of getting to London, if it weren't for a couple things.

One, it wouldn't surprise me if Mom and Dad plan to do something special tonight (your guess is as good as mine, seeing as they haven't said anything), and two, to actually ask them about the possibility of going to London wouldn't be worth the trouble, for all the reasons I listed quite a while ago. And I can't help that it'd come across as being incredibly "needy" as well. Just something that came to mind as I was walking up the stairs, and I knew if I didn't write it in here or something, it'd be bugging me all day :p

It's just annoying. I'm almost certain that if I could find something as fun or more fun to do / go to than the furmeet, this wouldn't be a problem, but unfortunately, all I ever get out of the house for is to go to Heart and Stroke, work, or to get something to eat. Something definitely needs to be done about that, but the big problem is where to even start. Feh.

So yeah. I've just come upstairs from playing Paper Mario for a solid ~6 hours. Went to 7-11 at 11 (just a coincidence, I'm sure), but after that, I stayed in the chair downstairs and played the game. I've beaten it now, obviously, but there still are a couple things to do, such as finding the last upgrade block I missed (that's going to be a pain), distributing all the letters, messing around with the "game room", and other such things.

If it wasn't obvious enough already, I do have tonight off as well, which is rather to be expected. It's a holiday, as I already said, and as such, any and everyone that works today gets paid time and a half. I believe there's even something for the people that don't work, but I'm not entirely sure about that. Josh said something about how they're going to have all the "kids" that don't get alot of shifts on today (so I really must stop by to get supper or something :3), and most certainly not the... experienced employees who've worked far too much this pay period already.

And that's an interesting point right there, about experienced employees. Yesterday night, as I was putting away dishes, Josh asked me something. If I was interested in becoming a manager. Apparently they're looking to promote some people, most likely because summer's coming, and they're most likely going to be losing Jerome, at least.

Told him "I don't know" at that moment, but seriously, my answer is an almost certain "no". In the words of Manoah, it's just one more step along the path to working there forever (well, not quite, but I can't think of the proper word), and also, something else to do with Manoah as well. A couple months ago now, he was right pissed off that Mark was made management instead of him, because he'd been there longer, and had made it clear that he was indeed interested in becoming a manager. Of course, given the goings-on back then, I can understand why the decision was made to choose Mark instead, but that's long past now.

So right now, I'd be almost appalled that they didn't ask Manoah instead, if it wasn't for the fact that he's seriously thinking of quitting, but that's another issue entirely.

Anyways, like I said, I'm pretty much positive that if he / anyone else asks again, I'm going to say no. I've seen the various scuffles the managers have with each other (several of them still going on to this very moment, most likely), and I want no part in that.

The only reason I say "almost" and "pretty much" is because nothing is ever out of the question.

Then again, who the hell am I trying to convince? I've been asked once thus far, and for all I know, it could never come up again. We'll have to see what happens in the coming months.

But now it's time to stick a certain something back in my little basket I have for laundry here (hint: it starts with "t" and ends with "l", and the length is equal to the second last word in this sentence), as an experiment of sorts, to see if anyone says anything about it tomorrow. Dad walked through here about half an hour ago, and it looked like he glanced down between the blankets to my bottom bunk and saw it, but short of outright asking him, there's no way to tell. And after that, it's off to bed.

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