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More Indecision

Thinking about going to 7-11 at 11 again, strictly to pick up some pop other other sort of beverage (energy drink perhaps), but that'd just cause me to stay up really early in the morning again, which is pretty much pointless, and even annoying at times. Then again, I did get to thinking earlier tonight that I want to play Tales of Symphonia again (maybe Tales of the Abyss too), so I could do that. Feh. Might as well, really. I have here an entire bag of some sort of snack mix I got there last night, and I'll be darned if I'm going to keep getting up and down for glasses of water.

So yeah. Just got finished playing some Guitar Hero II, where much to Adam's amazement, I beat Beast and the Harlot (once), and Free Bird (twice) on Expert. Second time, I got 4 stars as well, which is really curious. Even for Jordan itself, I can get 5 stars on Hard, but I can get halfway through Expert, at most. I suppose that's what it used to be like for StepMania as well. I could see the notes (or in this particular case, arrows) I had to press, but my hand just wouldn't move fast enough. Of course, it's harder with the guitar, because unless you have your hand in some really awkward and impossible position, you're not going to be able to reach all 5 buttons at once. Feh.

It's 11:00 though, so I might as well head out~

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